As veterinarians, technicians, and other veterinary care providers, we have an astoundingly high rate of burnout and compassion fatigue.  Because we work in a care giving profession, sometimes we spend so much time looking after other people and their pets, that we forget to look after ourselves. 

Newsletters are being offered to veterinary care providers who are interested in learning more about the wellness issues facing veterinary professionals today.  

The newsletters also contain information
about upcoming Veterinary Wellness Workshops & Retreats that are being offered to veterinary team members.  These weekend experiences focus on self-care and wellness for veterinary professionals and include the following:

• Continuing education regarding compassion fatigue, burnout, and the mental health of veterinary care providers
• Lectures on wellness, mindfulness, self-care tools, building resilience, and implementing healthy coping strategies
• Practice time for yoga, breathing exercises, and relaxation techniques
• Outdoor activities including hiking, snowshoeing, skating, and nature walks
• Mindfulness activities including an introduction to meditation
• Self-time for spa appointments, other outdoor activities, and connecting with other like-minded veterinary professionals
• A picturesque location in the mountains of western Canada

If you are interested in receiving these biweekly electronic newsletters, please complete the form below.  You can also visit for more information or to register for an upcoming event.  

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